Data Model

Access to our Data

We provide our data extracted from the FCC fillings together with meta-data added by the FCC in a single compressed CSV file available from our API or online in a Google Sheet. The data is updated frequently.


Download our Data from the Data API


View our Data in Google Sheets


The CSV file contains the following columns with meta-data first and our extracted data below:

Column NameDescription
unique_idour internal id
fcc_urlDirect download URL linking to the original FCC filing containing the current document
fcc_callsignCallsign of the station
fcc_serviceTV service type
fcc_rf_channelRF channel
fcc_virtual_channelVirtual channel
fcc_community_cityCommunity city of the station
fcc_community_stateCommunity state
fcc_nielsen_dmaNielsen DMA (Designated Market Area)
fcc_create_tsTimestamp when the filing was originally uploaded to FCC
fcc_entity_idFCC's unique id for each broadcasting station
fcc_full_qualified_file_nameFCC filing original folder and file names
fcc_last_update_tsTimestamp when the filing was last updated at FCC
fcc_network_affiliationNetwork affiliation of station
fcc_nielsen_dma_rankProvided by FCC but appears to be the same as Nielsen DMA
The following columns contain the extracted information:
document_candidateCandidate buying spots
document_first_pagePage of the corresponding FCC filing where the current document begins
document_last_pagePage of the corresponding FCC filing where the current document ends
document_typeEither Order or Contract
document_idDocument identifier as given by the network
document_reference_idDocument identifier as given by the network (referencing another document)
document_date_issueIssue date of the current document
document_date_revisedRevision date of the current document
document_flight_startStart of flight (length almost always 1 week)
document_flight_endEnd of flight
document_amount_gross_totalGross total for buy
document_amount_net_totalNet total for buy