Why Use Federal Election Commission (FEC) Data Platform

Why Use Our Platform

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) Data Platform is a complete, fully-automated, cloud-based platform for processing all FEC data from the 1976 up to the latest committee's filings just hours after they have been filed. We provide full access to FEC's individuals contributions with a single request. Using the SQL query language, you can do sophisticated and advanced data analysis in minutes. We mirror the combined FEC data with all the respective reference IDs, and we guarantee full transparency of the data: each entry can be double-checked with the original data on the FEC website.

Federal Election Commission (FEC) Data Platform

We combine all data that the FEC offers:

  • Federal elections
    • Presidential, House, and Senate.
  • Political action committees
    • For example, the principal campaign committees up to separate segregated funds.

We provide data from the 1976 to the present day election cycles for all available donor information.

Our approach focuses only on individual contributions. Unitemized contributions (i.e. contributions that are not connected to a known individual) are not included into our data. We collect the disclosed, individual data which may be less than the actual total amount of contributions for each candidate. For example, one candidate may disclose 65% of their contributions to the FEC, while the other candidate may disclose 90%.

Our data is mostly suited to answer questions to relatively compare between individual donors and donations (for example, the donors age distribution among different candidates). Our platform is not suited to get data on the number of total contributions received by a candidate. In full transparency, there are also other services (our competitors) that summarize these data, such as opensecrets.org or followthemoney.org.

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