Introduction to Federal Election Commission (FEC) Data


Federal Election Commission (FEC) Data is a complete, fully-automated, cloud-based platform for processing all FEC data from the 1976 up to the latest committee's filings just hours after they have been filed. It is your swiss army knife tool to get data and draw correlations about contributions and donor demographics to political campaigns. The ultimate goal of this contribution analysis is to predict the winning electorate based on the individual contributions.

The total amount political campaign contributions by individuals and organizations have drastically increased over the past election cycles. The vast information of individual donor demographics and donation amounts across states and counties makes for an insightful study and statistical analysis on the data.

Whether you are a researcher, journalist, or the public interested in studying the vast and increasing numbers and amounts of individual contributions to political candidates, our platform provides full access to and full disclosure of individual contributions to all political committees in three ways:

  1. SQL Server Interface
  2. Application Programming Interface (API)
  3. Cohort Analysis Google Sheet

Our Goals

We aim to:

  1. Provide full access to FEC's individuals contributions with a single request.
  • No need to download all data from the different FEC endpoints.
  1. Serve unprocessed electronic filings just like other contributions.
  • No need to parse .FEC or .CSV files.
  1. Offer data enrichments with publicly available sources such as age or income.
  • No need for tedious data enrichment.
  1. Offer online data aggregation services.
  • No need to download unnecessary data and do all work in Excel or Python.
  1. Provide fast and up-to-date links to past data aggregations.
  • No need to rerun the whole workflow every month.

Within hours of the monthly FEC filing of contributions of a candidate (directly, over a conduit, or with another Authorized Committee ), we will provide all individual donor information (including address) in a single source for you to do custom data analytics.

What’s Next